The Sign

Yes, it says “aristan bakery” and not “artisan”. Let’s just get that out the way. Blame all the 4:00am starts and Nick’s brain melting quicker than the sugar on a Chelsea Bun!

When we decided to have the work done on the shop we knew we’d lose the vinyls we had on the window and, even though most people know where we are, we thought we needed something new and we decided on a sign. But we didn’t want any old sign, we wanted something with a bit of character…it’s the Crustum way!

So, we got in touch with Simon Brittain. Now, Simon is a character himself. He lives on a narrowboat most of the time out at Hatton Locks and he’s just set up his own little forge and is keen to do commissions and such. He found bits for the sign in various places: the leaves are from an old fuel tank, the wheat heads and stems are from a bit of discarded sheep fencing and he salvaged some of it out of a skip. He didn’t actually buy any of it. He’s called his forge Iron Art and if you’d like to request any commissions his mobile is 07715 546066. Tell him we said to give him a call?

The lettering on the sign was provided by Adam Moody of Kenilworth Printing but the mistake in the spelling is all Nick’s responsibility. Adam’s going to get some new lettering for us.

And, to top it all off, the plastic oval is actually cut out of the old sign that used to be over the shop door advertising the wool shop that Nick bought at auction eons ago…or so it seems.

So it really isn’t any old sign…it’s a sign with character.

And that’s a sign of the character of Crustum.


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