Bakery Classes in Kenilworth

There’s been a huge boom in home baking and we love that everyone is getting involved. There’s more to it then just a bit of flour so we’ve set up bakery classes so we can let you in on a few secrets. Our courses are held on the third Sunday of every month and they get booked up really quickly!

So, what can you expect? Well for starters, you can expect a full day’s baking from 10am to 4pm. We traverse the doughy landscape starting with white bread, passing onto the Crustum signature bake Red Bread. Then we’re onto focaccia before sandwiching in some pizza for lunch. Then we’ll peak with Chelsea buns in the afternoon that you can take home while they’re still warm!

The bakery classes are £95 per person. If you wish to make a group booking for 3+ people, we’re more than happy to negotiate on when the class takes place. To find out more, pop into the shop, call us on 07942 910 669 or fill out the form below.




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Still need convincing about a bakery course?

Here’s what someone who did one of our baking courses had to say on Facebook:

“Fantastic day with friends on Nick’s bread baking course. We were very inspired and will definitely be having a go at home. Nick’s recipes and approach are very practical so much so that the complete novice goes home with a boxful of superbly baked and great looking bread. The day goes by at a comfortable pace in a very friendly atmosphere. One of the highlights was making pizza lunch from a batch of dough we had prepared earlier and the wine Nick supplied helped it all go down very well indeed! My neighbours were the happy recipients of the Chelsea Buns…all in all a superb day and excellent value! Thanks Nick, we’ll definitely be popping in to buy your bread when we next come to Kenilworth…that is if we are not already stocked up with our own!”